English Facilitator

(Tampere, Pirkanmaa)

Recommendation from Terveystalo

Tim held two English courses at Terveystalo, in 2017 and 2019. The aim of both courses was to increase
the confidence of the participants when speaking English with customers. The feedback received from
those attending was overall very good: Tim was an effective and passionate teacher. Tim created varying
role-plays where the participants practised both simple and more challenging interactions with
customers. The attendees appreciated the large amount of time to speak English both about their own
areas and colleagues’ areas, and it increased their speaking confidence. Throughout the training Tim
maintained the emphasis on good customer service, especially politeness in all cases. Lastly, he
compiled a long list of common English medical terms with their Finnish equivalents, and the participants
are using it to expand their vocabulary base.

Terhi Virtanen

Site Manager

Suomen Terveystalo Tampere

December 2019

Extra note: Tim Housley held another course at Terveystalo in 2021